Bristol Pub Tops List as World’s Most Challenging Restaurant to Reserve

Pub in Bristol Tops List as World’s Hardest Restaurant to Secure a Reservation

Dojo, a payment provider for businesses, has conducted a study revealing the top 10 hardest restaurants in the world to get a reservation, and a pub in Bristol takes the crown. The Bank Tavern, nestled away from the city’s hustle and bustle, offers an exclusive Sunday Roast that comes with an astonishing waiting time of four years. The pub proudly positions itself as a “uniquely inhospitable place,” boasting a history dating back to the 1800s and surviving various challenges, including riots, world wars, and town planners.

Joining The Bank Tavern in the UK’s representation on the list are Heston Blumenthal’s renowned establishment, The Fat Duck in Bray, and London-based eatery, The Cove Club. These UK restaurants are known for their exclusivity and demand, making it difficult for eager diners to secure a reservation.

Across the Atlantic, Damon Baehrel in New York, USA, claims the second spot on the list with a waiting list of around a year, adding to the global challenge of getting a table at these sought-after restaurants.

Dojo’s study based the waiting times on how long patrons can expect to wait for a table, taking into account various factors such as monthly waves of table releases and backlogs caused by Coronavirus-related closures.

To compile the list, the study analyzed TikTok views for some of Google’s most exclusive restaurants and verified waiting times by checking relevant restaurant websites and Google reviews. The data, accurate as of June 6, 2023, showcases the staggering demand and allure of these unique dining experiences.