Disney Cruise Line Expands to South Florida: A New Chapter in Family Cruising

Disney Cruise Line is set to make waves in South Florida, adding Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale to its list of homeports. This move signifies a significant expansion for the company, offering more options for families looking to embark on a magical sea voyage.

The first ship to dock at the new port will be the Disney Dream, followed by the Disney Magic. These ships will offer a variety of three-, four-, and five-night cruises to tropical destinations in The Bahamas and the Caribbean, starting from November 20, 2023, and May 9, 2024, respectively.

Disney Cruise Line’s expansion into South Florida is not just about adding another port to its roster. It’s about creating a comprehensive vacation experience. Port Everglades’ strategic location offers guests the chance to enjoy beautiful beaches, world-class entertainment, shopping, dining, and cultural activities before or after their cruise.

The new dedicated terminal at Port Everglades, reimagined by Walt Disney Imagineering, provides a seamless embarkation experience. Guests will be greeted by colorful murals featuring characters from Disney and Pixar’s “Finding Nemo,” setting the tone for the magical journey ahead.

Disney Cruise Line’s arrival at Port Everglades is expected to have a significant economic impact, creating more than 1,100 direct local jobs. The company has also announced new community investments in Junior Achievement South Florida and Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County, demonstrating its commitment to making a positive impact in port communities.

Disney Cruise Line’s expansion is part of a 15-year agreement with Broward County, which includes a minimum of 10.6 million passenger movements. The agreement also provides for a second, seasonal ship to homeport in Port Everglades starting in 2025.

What is a homeport?
A homeport is the port from which a cruise ship primarily operates. It’s where the ship begins and ends its voyages.

What is embarkation?
Embarkation is the process of boarding a ship at the start of a cruise. It involves checking in, going through security, and finally stepping onto the ship.

What is a passenger movement?
A passenger movement refers to the action of a passenger embarking or disembarking a ship. For example, if a ship with a capacity of 2,000 passengers arrives at a port and all passengers disembark, that would be counted as 2,000 passenger movements.

What is a dedicated terminal?
A dedicated terminal is a facility at a port that is exclusively used by a specific cruise line. It’s designed to provide a seamless and efficient embarkation and disembarkation process for passengers.

What is a seamless embarkation experience?
A seamless embarkation experience refers to a smooth and hassle-free process of boarding a ship. This includes efficient check-in procedures, minimal waiting times, and a welcoming environment that sets the tone for the cruise.