A New Disneyland in Anaheim? Disney Chairman Reveals Possibilities

Disney theme park chairman, Josh D’Amaro, recently revealed that there is ample space to construct another Disneyland in Anaheim, California. This announcement was made during an employee town hall in New York City, sparking excitement and speculation among Disney fans worldwide.

A New Era for Disneyland
Disneyland, the original theme park envisioned by Walt Disney himself, has been a beacon of joy and creativity for decades. Now, according to D’Amaro, there is enough room within the park’s existing footprint to build another Disneyland, should the company decide to do so. This revelation comes as The Walt Disney Co. has announced plans to invest $60 billion into its theme park business over the next decade.

The DisneylandForward Project
The potential expansion of the “Happiest Place on Earth” hinges on the approval of the DisneylandForward project by the city of Anaheim. This ambitious project aims to introduce new attractions, shops, and restaurants within Disneyland’s existing 490-acre footprint. To facilitate this expansion, Disney is seeking zoning changes.

Imagining New Worlds
D’Amaro has previously hinted at the possibility of bringing to life various worlds from popular Disney franchises. These include Arendelle from “Frozen,” Wakanda from “Black Panther,” and Santa Cecilia from “Coco.” The chairman expressed that these worlds offer a wealth of storytelling opportunities waiting to be explored.

Disney fans have also speculated about potential new lands, rides, and attractions based on “Tangled,” “Zootopia,” “Tron,” and expanded areas based on “Peter Pan” and “Toy Story.” Additionally, Disneyland has teased the possibility of adding an “Avatar” experience to the resort, with director James Cameron reportedly collaborating with Walt Disney Imagineering on the project.

What is the DisneylandForward project?
The DisneylandForward project is a proposed expansion plan for Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It aims to introduce new attractions, shops, and restaurants within the park’s existing footprint.

What is Walt Disney Imagineering?
Walt Disney Imagineering is the creative force behind the Walt Disney parks and resorts. They are responsible for designing and building the company’s theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, and other entertainment venues.

What is zoning?
Zoning refers to municipal or local government laws that dictate how real property can and cannot be used in certain geographic areas. In this context, Disney is seeking changes to these laws to facilitate the expansion of Disneyland.

What does it mean to bring a world “to life”?
In the context of theme parks, bringing a world “to life” means creating immersive experiences based on specific themes or stories. This could include building physical structures, creating themed rides, and designing interactive experiences that allow visitors to feel as though they are part of a particular story or world.