Is Hawaiian Airlines a partner with Alaska?

In a significant development in the aviation industry, Alaska Airlines has announced its acquisition of Hawaiian Airlines. This strategic move is set to redefine the travel experience for passengers across the West Coast and Hawai’i, offering expanded benefits and choices.

A Strategic Acquisition
Alaska Airlines has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Hawaiian Airlines in a deal worth approximately $1 billion in cash. This acquisition is a combination of two rivals that predominantly serve destinations in the Pacific region, a region heavily reliant on air travel. The deal is expected to close within 18 months.

Preserving Brand Identity
In a unique approach to this merger, both the Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines brands will be preserved. The combined airline will operate on a single platform, allowing passengers to continue enjoying the exceptional service and hospitality that both airlines are known for. This commitment to operational reliability, trust, and guest satisfaction has consistently earned both airlines industry recognition.

Investment in Local Communities and Culture
The merger also signifies a commitment to invest in Hawai’i’s communities. The combined airlines plan to expand their existing commitments and work with local communities and government to build a vibrant future for Hawai’i.

Moreover, the airlines are committed to promoting regenerative tourism in the Hawaiian Islands and investing in Hawaiian language and culture. This includes continuing and building upon Hawaiian Airlines’ existing programs, further enriching the cultural experience for passengers.

Towards a More Sustainable Future
The combined airline is also set to become even more sustainable. While specific details are yet to be announced, this commitment indicates a forward-thinking approach to aviation, aligning with global efforts to reduce the environmental impact of air travel.

What does the acquisition mean for passengers?
The acquisition will result in a single operating platform under both the Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines brands. This means passengers can expect the same level of service and hospitality they have come to associate with both airlines.

What will happen to the Hawaiian Airlines brand?
The Hawaiian Airlines brand will be preserved. The combined airline will continue to invest in Hawaiian language and culture, ensuring the brand’s unique identity remains intact.

What does this mean for Hawai’i’s communities?
The combined airlines plan to continue and expand their investment in Hawai’i’s communities. They will work with local communities and government to build a vibrant future for Hawai’i.

Acquisition: The process of one company purchasing most or all of another company’s shares to gain control of that company.
Regenerative Tourism: A form of tourism that aims to give back more to the destinations and communities visited than what is taken away, often through environmental conservation efforts and support for local economies.
Sustainable Aviation: An approach to aviation that seeks to minimize its environmental impact through various means, such as improving fuel efficiency, reducing emissions, and managing noise.