Qatar Airways Escapes Legal Action in Australia Over Controversial Passenger Examinations

In a recent turn of events, Qatar Airways has sidestepped a potentially damaging lawsuit in Australia linked to the invasive physical examinations of female passengers. The incident, which sparked international outrage, involved women being subjected to compulsory checks at Doha airport after a newborn was found abandoned in an airport bathroom in October 2020.

The airline, along with the airport authorities, faced severe criticism for the way they handled the situation. Women aboard a flight to Sydney were forcibly removed from the aircraft and subjected to intimate examinations without their consent, in an attempt to determine if any of them had recently given birth.

The Australian government expressed its dismay at the incident, which affected 13 Australian women, and initially, there were strong indications that legal action would be pursued. However, the potential lawsuit has been averted, as the airline has not been held legally accountable in Australia for the incident.

The avoidance of the lawsuit does not imply an end to the matter in the public eye. The incident has raised significant questions about passenger rights, the limits of airline authority, and the jurisdictional complexities of international air travel. It has also prompted a broader discussion on the need for international protocols to protect the dignity and rights of passengers, ensuring that such incidents are not repeated in the future.